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Hi, I'm Andréa

I provide body awareness coaching to people  interested in embodiment, moving easier and feeling MORE like their authenic selves. I teach group classes, private touch-based movement lessons, and workshops for Community groups. Scoll to learn more!

Private Functional Integration

These are personalized private weekly or bi-weekly touch based lessons. Like talk therapy, we work together on changing the way you move by bringing attention to your habitual patterns of movement.

Weekly Group Classes

These are weekly Awareness Through Movement group classes. Andréa guides the class through a sequence of movements tailored to bring attention to how you move.

Embodiment Circles for
Community Centres

These are two, three or six month series group classes personalized for your local community centre accessible to your members for free or low-cost.

About Andréa

Born in Montreal to first-generation anglophone Italians, Andréa grew up lacking empowerment and embodiment. Andréa desired to be whole again for many years, but dissociation stopped all attempts until Feldenkrais.

After graduating from Concordia’s Women’s Studies and Art History, they discovered Feldenkrais. Through passion and dedication, Andréa found a way to shift the focus onto what they can learn and how they can grow.
Since graduating, Andréa has taught weekly classes at their private studio, organized the Montreal Somatic Festival, and appeared at the Feldenkrais Festival. Andréa’s background in feminist and anti-colonial thinking offers them a unique perspective on somatic health.

Andréa strives to create an inclusive environment for all genders and bodies. They aim to empower the positive and focus on what students can and want to do. They fight for radical justice for all communities oppressed through colonization. Their specialty is queer and trans people interested in creating meaningful relationships with their bodies.

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Private Functional Integration

Functional integration combines massage therapy with a somatic approach, a physiotherapist’s awareness, and an osteopath’s light touch. It integrates the knowledge of the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. Through delicate minor movements, Andréa will first listen to your needs, bring awareness to how you are moving and show you an easier way to move. It works best long-term, weekly or bi-weekly.

Lessons happen live at Andréa’s home office in Petite-Patrie.

Group Classes

These are weekly in-person and Online classes where Andréa guides you through a sequence of movements, creating opportunities for learning new ways of moving, thinking, feeling and sensing.

These gentle explorations open enormous possibilities for growth in every way possible! You feel more grounded, pain isn’t central in your life, and you feel taller and more confident.

Classes are online and in person. You can subscribe to my Patreon (the YOU GET EVERYTHING rate) for less money and access all my live in person classes and past courses or buy a 6-class package. These classes are work best long-term.

Classes happen on Monday at 7Pm and Sunday at 2:30 PM at FrigoVert.

Embodiment Circle

This Embodiment building circle will help you develop tools for deep embodiment, spontaneity, vulnerability and joy through group classes accessible to your members. It is a space for your members to grow and witness others grow..


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